ADT notifications CoP Webinar Registration

Webinar Registration

Fully meet the requirements of the ADT notifications Conditions of Participation

In response to the new ADT notifications CoP, Collective has expanded its existing offerings to include a lightweight, cost-effective solution that ensures its hospital client partners are fully compliant with this new requirement—without the need for any additional intermediary service providers.

Register for one of our upcoming webinars and learn how you can use easily implement Collective's solution, and become fully compliant.

Uniquely, Collective's solution does not require built-out network connectivity to every non-system entity and platform. Collective will deliver patient encounter notifications on behalf of the hospital to both directly- and indirectly-connected providers. Hospitals need only provide Collective with an ADT feed with required fields, including the name of the patient's preferred provider, as recorded by the hospital registrar. Collective will then ensure timely notification to appropriate providers.